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September 30th, 2015, 3:27 pm


Yet another plan of action

I know I keep coming up with plans to try and tackle getting stuff done and failing but I think this one should work.

I have finally figured out why I have such a hard time sticking to an update schedule. I�ve said this reason aloud MULTIPLE times at school in my comic classes and to comic related people and it only just occurred to me. I don�t want to draw comics for a living. I really don�t. I also cannot handle the strict deadlines that come with drawing comics for a living. I can barely handle the deadlines that come with the two or three comic pages.

For me, these comics that I draw are just a hobby not a job and even though I don�t want to draw comics for a living I still imposed deadlines for myself. All that has managed to do is give me a slow and tired death.

Additionally, I got too excited about Dragon�s Keep and Reliquary and started them before I was really ready to start them. This only served to cause stress and rushed pages that aren�t even complete.

As such, I�m removing the deadlines entirely. I�ll update whenever I get a page done :) That takes pressure off of me and allows me to make things that I can sell to hopefully make a little money while I�m at SCAD. I love the comics I work on and I love the characters but I can�t keep letting them run my life.

The Reliquary page on October 3 will be the last scheduled update for that comic. My focus will then be primarily on finishing Book 1 for Dragon�s Keep so that it can be ready for print on Lulu.

I hope each of you who reads this and reads the comics understands my reasoning behind this post and will continue to stick around for the future updates :)

ALSO, in addition to things I'll be doing, once I've set it up I'll be moving all extra comic art and stuff over to a DeviantArt account that will be designated for just comic related things like references and doodles and stuff. Just a warning before stuff poofs from this site.

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