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June 16th, 2015, 9:44 pm


Future plan of action concerning updates

To try to keep things short and sweet (and relatively organized) I'm going to type this up as a series of bullet-points. Thanks again for taking note of this and reading Dragon's Keep! Please leave feedback on what you think and maybe even what things you'd like to see as merchandise.

• Point 1: Dragon's Keep will go on temporary hiatus when Reliquary starts in August. I plan on trading off on which comic I work on at the end of each quarter/the start of the next.

°The order is:
—Fall quarter (Mid-September to mid-November): Reliquary
—Winter break (Mid-November to just after New Years): Dragon's Keep
—Winter quarter (January to mid-March): Reliquary
—Spring quarter (Mid-March to the end of May): Dragon's Keep
—Summer break (June to mid-September): My break. No comics at all.

• Point 2: Summer break is my time off from all this to rest my wrist. I'll still drop by both sites with stuff I'm working on (which will be taken down when the comics come back up)

• Point 3: "Off comics" will still be worked on during hiatus in my spare time. This work will mainly be buffer work for the next switch in case of unforeseen hiccups but this time will also be used for print designs and other merchandise products.

• Point 4: I had a point but forgot it... I'll probably remember it 5 hours from now in the WEEEE hours of the morning and update this with it then. ;v; Lordy my memory...

• Point 5: With the site I'm using for printing the books, I've started adding borders onto the pages as I refine/update/upload them. In Dragon's Keep–since it's slightly "darker" than Reliquary is–black borders will be signifying the present while white borders signify flashbacks. Reliquary should mostly be white borders as it is a lighter story and is lacking in the flashback department (as of right now).

That should be all the notes for now on the subject. Hopefully I'll be back with a new page next week!

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