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March 16th, 2015, 6:51 pm


A Long Hiatus Coming To A Close

Howdy, readers! I'm sorry for the very very long span between updates. I assure you that every moment of it has pained me as much as it has pained y'all (which some of my SCAD classmates who know me and read this should remember from talking to me through this past quarter LOL). The good news is that if all goes according to plan, updates should start again next Saturday! (The 28th)

Starting from that update Dragon's Keep will update every other week. Having the schedule set up this way is both easier on me schedule-wise but also leaves room for other things (Like the Patreon I'm trying to set up for Dragon's Keep). On the weekends I DON'T update, I'm thinking of making those filler weekends. Leave me a comment with what you think and some themes :) I've also decided to take on a co-writer to help me strengthen DK's story and to fill in gaps that are sporadically placed throughout the future chapters/books. The person I've chosen to work with is Z, the writer and friend that I'm going to be starting Reliquary with in August. He will start assisting me once we finish Book 3.

As we near the end of this "chapter"–quotes around that because I'm going to be removing chapters and just making everything in "book" groups from here on–I'll be setting up the first book over on Lulu! I'm excited for this and will be looking into a kickstarter to see if I can't figure out funding so I can bulk-order some charms and prints and other goodies <3

Some of you might have noticed the two new buttons towards the top of the page. More will be added as I complete them and gather the necessary links. I find web buttons to be a neat concept and certainly help with accessibility between sites. As for the links: the one of Lu leads to my DA account, the bag icon leads to my currently-empty Easy shop, and the box icon (that should be up in a day or two) will lead to DK's secondary site called DragonBox. All of the character references will be moved over to Dragon's Box for viewing and storage and uploads and such.

I hope y'all are as excited about all this as I am and I look forward to seeing y'all around over the next couple of days!

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