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May 22nd, 2018, 9:28 pm


*peeks in*

Uhhhhh hi everyone? I kinda forgot that I left this place running ^^; It's really nice to see that this silly thing still gets views. 35k total views??? Jeebus. Thank you ;v;

As for where I've been since 2015, SCAD got the better of me and I really didn't have time to keep up with Dragon's Keep. And then I tried to start Reliquary and that didn't work either. For the time being, I have a few new comics I'm working on! Cal on ComicFury for one and Penguin Quest, a 800 page adventure comic about wizard penguins, is in the works to start February-March 2019 when Cal ends. Reliquary is also getting scripted on properly and might start around 2020-2021.

Unfortunately, Dragon's Keep is still on hiatus and probably won't come back for another 10-15 years, if at all. I still really love these characters and this story and want to come back to them in the future when I can do their story justice! In the meantime, if y'all still enjoy this, check out my new comic Cal over on ComicFury at! (Not a hyperlink, y'all will need to copy and paste it in)

Thank you for the continued support! I love you all and hope to see all of y'all again real soon!

xoxo –Lu

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