This page is a shout-out to all the people who I lean on and go to for help or have gotten help from in the process of making this comic. These are my good friends whom I cannot thank enough for all their help.

Bobbie Arnett (Lu)

The author and artist of this comic, AKA me. I like to have fun and spend most of my time either thinking about food, playing out different scenes from this comic in my head, drawing, or playing pokemon. Sometimes I just sit around with my friends and yell at the TV when they start playing Project M. My favorite shirt is the turtleneck I'm shown in here. It's a plain white turtleneck that I added to to make it look like a Lugia turtleneck with navy blue "spines" down the back and light blue on the front. This is most likely what you'll see me in if you run into me at a Con. I've been working on this comic for the past two years and am super excited to finally be posting it online!

Jared Steinberg

One of my best friends. He's a really smart guy who I really look up to. He's also my adopted big brother (so to speak). He acts as my "editor" for Dragon's Keep, "editor" being used loosely. I usually just go to him for tips for how sentences should work or how I should word things to get what I want across. He's a writing major here at SCAD and is in his senior year. His personal website is here.

LaTonya Lark

Another really sweet friend. She's the creator of the sculptures of some of my dragons and a few other characters. (I'll post them to the FanArt section as she finishes them.) She also makes jewelry and is REALLY good at it so maybe some time in the future we might see some pieces from her in that category.

Madison Kratochvil

A good friend and the original creator of several of my dragons. She made them for me as gifts a while ago and they made their way into the cast. Madison is an incredible artist and is the one who got me into working digitally. I consider her one of the people who inspire me to do my best and strive to improve.

Dragons created: Cookie, Eingana, Kenneth, and Ellios.

Jaclyn (Jaclynonacloud)

A fellow Deviantartist that I've been watching for years now. Since I can't find a picture of her to use as a reference for her ID on here, here's my rendition of her drawing of her dragon Kage as an Eeveelution. Jaclyn is the original owner of Liz, whom I adopted, and designed the plant dragon species for me to use. She's also my go-to person whenever I need dragon-posing help. You can find her at